Lugar: Jardín Lankester. A pesar de la picada de mosquitos, casi caerme al lago intentando tomar un foto, quedarnos pegados en una presa y almorzar hasta las 5pm...valió la pena :}

Ah! Pratiqué bastante con la cámara en manual...fue el reto del día :]


Vacacionessssss! (:

Sin ellos o con ellos / With them or without them

Concept. Sometimes I don't think we see beyond ourselves, the little things that make our world perfect. I tend to idealize things, but I do believe things that go unnoticed are important, because sooner or later, we noticed them. There existence means something.

Place. My p-a-t-i-o in the afternoon.

Etc. I had just watered the plants, so I got wet myself, I took several shots, but this one I loved the most. Played with the shutter speed a bit and used some macro lens I got from my dad <3>


Poema I

Quiero un momento de aeropuerto
y que el amor presione mis pulmones.
Que el aire que respiro huela a promesas
y que reprogramen el mundo.

Me gusta la música suave
y la que no comprendo.
Aquella, aquella que me conmueve.

Quiero una maleta y una bufanda
para irme lejos,
si hace frío.
Quiero un cuaderno y un vestido
y dejar de escribir palabras sin sentido.

Y adentro siento.
Siento que estoy muy loca
y medio dormida.


Laughing is good.


And yours?

2008, goodbye!

It's been a long and exhausting year. So full of random and beautiful things! I've come to think every year is better than the one before, so I'm in the hopes 2009 will surpass my expectations! I also hope for my friends, family and just anyone I know in general to have some great last few 2008 days, and look forward to the amazing 2009 days.
I do wonder what destiny has planned out for me! As of now, I know the upcoming years are going to be tough, I'm going to be deciding about my future with every move I make, so better be wise about stuff S:
Anyway, even though that worries me a bit, I'll be calm and just ultra-positive! Everyone has gone through this, so why couldn't I? :]
Well, best wishes for the New Year! I'll probably make a list of the stuff I want and must accomplish! ;O

PS: Hope you like how the blog looks now S: I'll be trying to improve it little by little with no html knowledge whatsoever ;P
Wish me luuuuck.